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Customer Comments

Live, love, and laugh with llamas! Hiking in the mountains is always a great way to connect with nature, but when you add llamas?! Just wow! The llamas have cute and quirky personalities, but are very intuitive. They can sense your fear or your calm, or hear wildlife well before any of the humans do. We were able to see a lot of deer not too far from us, after noticing the cute llama ears perk up. They have a great posture, so it's a nice reminder to stand tall and notice the surroundings, rather than just look down at the trail. They are curious about you and may come in close to sniff you, or nudge your ponytail, like Elvis did to me (he must have been whispering sweet words of encouragement as we climbed elevation!). I loved walking with both Triby and Elvis. Triby, who acts as the wiser llama, but also wants to test your lead a bit. And Elvis: Young, curious, and a little like a whining kid at times, wanting a snack or just a break. They truly bring smiles and laughter to the hiking experience. Kara, their handler, is not only passionate about llamas, but also the wilderness in general, specifically the wildflowers- I learned so much! I highly recommend Wonder Meadow Farm and their well-deserved reputation for caring for their llamas and hikers, alike.


Thank you for this opportunity to hike with your llamas. My boys were mesmerized by them, especially Jaiden. He said he felt a kind of calmness being with them and walking alongside them. I am generally not an animal person...but today, I too felt a sense of comfort being this close to the llamas. I wasn't afraid because they seemed so self-assured...especially Triby...I was so excited he let me hug him at the end! I would certainly do this again...


Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I had sooo much fun getting to know you, your family and your llama friends. I am so over the moon I got to hug a llama and hike with llamas. Hiking with llamas is an experience we all should try- being in nature with such calm, curious animals helps you forget the worries of life struggles and helps reframe your thoughts. It's all because of the smiles and curiosity of my new llama friends! Thank you for sharing the pictures- definitely a memory to capture and cherish.


I love looking at their faces! Hiking and chilling with llamas is the best!

I really enjoyed the experience! It was fun to hug and pet the llamas. I learned a lot about them.

I have never been that close to llamas so it was cool to walk with them. They are very interesting animals.

Jim and Family

Hiking with llamas was amazing! What a lovely way to experience our Open Space.


I had an amazing time hiking with Elvis and Triby! They are great companions, and there is something about walking with a llama that makes you feel tall!


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