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Nigerian Dwarf Kid Deposit

$100.00 USD

Non-refundable deposit.

This is a non-refundable deposit to adopt a specific Nigerian Dwarf kid. Please make sure to contact us before you make a deposit in order to insure availability.

Our herd has always tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes, and no other viruses or diseases have presented in our herd. We reserve the right to withhold or retract sales of any animal, even if a deposit has been made. Our top priority is our animals' safety and wellbeing in their future homes. Goats need to have proper nutrition, water, fencing, and housing. Goats are herd animals and thrive with other goats- we will not sell a sole goat to a home without other goats.

Our goats are dam raised with constant human interaction to ensure friendly and well-socialized animals. We dam raise our kids because they are healthier, learn important skills only other goats can teach them, and have better coats.

All sales are final. Once an animal leaves our property, it is up to you to maintain their health. We are not liable for an animal once they leave our farm because many factors apply to the health and wellbeing of an animal.